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From a meeting of 20 people from the Bermagui area on January 21st, 1996, and chaired by Nev Brady, a steering committee was selected to investigate the formation of a Clay Target Shooting Club. 

ACTA, F&G NSW and the NSW Police were contacted and the club, Bermagui Branch NSW F&G, was officially was formed on 26/2/1996 with Scott  Neilson the first President.
$90 was raised amongst those present to start a bank account.  We had a name and some money but no home.
The Battle began in earnest after two suitable sites were vetoed by  the Bega Valley Shire Council after very strong protests were lodged. 
A third suitable site was found and approved in principle by National Parks & Wildlife, NSW Forests, EPA and NSW Police.  All required tests were carried out and favourably accepted.  Our DA was debated by the full council on 29/5/1998 and we were granted a 12 month trial period with severe restrictions including shoot days no closer than 20days apart and activities to be conducted between 10am and 5pm.  Breach of any of the restrictions would result in immediate withdrawal of the DA with no appeal.
Work on the range commenced the following day. 
By early October '98, a 1.5km 4-strand wire fence with signs every 25m had been erected through rugged bush, some clearing done for target paths and shooting stands built for a 6 station simulated field shooting ground. The range was inspected by the Firearms Registry and Police Approval granted in November '98.

During this time the BVSC was bombarded with protests which resulted in our new club undergoing extensive and expensive noise testing.  F&G NSW helped with the cost of this.  Protesters continued with personal attacks; claims of damage to habitat of non existent koalas and sooty owls; ingestion of lead by wildlife and stock; claims that 11.5 tonnes of lead would be washed into the Murrah River 1km away.

Eventually, our first shoot of 75 tgts was held on Feb 1st 1999 using 4 Trius traps and 1 new ITP manual trap.  Despite having been able to only hold 3 shoots, in April '99 BVSC withdrew our DA on the grounds that the 12month trial time was due to elapse and they wished to review the situation.   The strength of our response to this withdrawal surprised Council and they backed down, reinstating the DA and shooting recommenced in June '99.
Since then, despite the continuing restrictions and the continuing protests, the club has continued to grow, with a current membership of almost 100.
Our shoot noms are all inclusive, so you'll never pay for a cuppa or lunch - and nor will your family or guests.  We welcome shooters from other organisations and disciplines - we have enough to contend with outside without discriminating against each other.
So if you're looking for an enjoyable day's shooting - Bermagui is the place to be!
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