Club News

Sunday 11th. February 2018

The springing teal sponsored by safari firearms was a great event with Chris Raabe winning of the main event hitting 38 out of 40 targets. John Theobold, Warren Marshall and david bedingfield of C grade and jan redman [Left]John Theobold, Warren Marshall and David bedingfield of C grade and Jan Redman.
It was a great set up done by Darren and Jan Redman plus some club members who had great targets including a rabbit bouncing down the hill. If you were lucky enough to hit a yellow one you got a separate prize. Jan Redman and spring and teal winner Chris Raabe [Right] Jan Redman and springing teal winner Chris Raabe. David Bedingfield and Warren Marshall both got great scores of 69 getting equal 1st first in C grade. The rain was heavy in the morning and got better towards the afternoon but that didn’t stop all shooters competing, seeing it out for the top spot.

Sunday 7th. January 2018

Bermagui Field and Game held their first shoot of the year on Sunday the 7th of January, with over 50 shooters from various clubs attending. The course was set out over 6 traps at the very lower end of the range. There were a couple of mishaps and problems with traps, but the set up crew were quick to fix them. They also had some brilliant targets set out including a cheeky rabbit playing hide and go seek with the shooters as well as an incomer sticking to the trees making it hard to get before it hit the ground. John and NevThe targets were fast and furious and kept the competitors on their toes. The “Bush Challenge” was sponsored by two groups, as the side by side shooters were sponsored by Bruce Arthurson of Classic Racing and Performance Engineering, and the under and over shooters were sponsored by Far South Coast Excavations. The overall winner of the handicap challenge was John Lehmann 117 using his trusty side by side.
under and over winners 2016

Congratulations must also go to Mark Gschwend and Simon weeding who both shot 25 out 25. The girls at the barbecue set out a beautiful spread as well as the people that bought cakes and salads and Darren and Jan Redman who kindly donated burgers and sausages to the club.

Christmas Shoot Sunday 26th. November 2017

Sunday 26th. November was the annual Christmas shoot for Bermagui Field and Game. A great turnout of 74 shooters showed up for the 60 target event and the novelty George Digweeed Challenge. This month's course was set by Chris Raabe and his crew setting an enjoyable course for all. Many generously sponsored prizes were awarded, including the club Champions for the year.

The winners of the overall highest scoring shooters for the year went to Gavin Moulding receiving Off the Gun Club Champion, Patrick Jubb receiving Handicap Champion and Grace Gschwend winning Club Junior Champion.

Winners from all grades in the George Digweed chelenge The winner of this year's "George Digweed Challenge" Goes to Phil Craig, outstanding effort to all those who participated and bought back to donate to the worthy cause of the Bermagui School.
C grade winners  1st pat tennant, 2nd Dave Bedingfield , 3rd jarrod ringland and 4th leon karrington

Phil and Shelley Craig were recognised for their efforts within the club over many years, and the three most important people at our club, Secretary Barbie Magrin , Treasurer Patrick Jubb and BBQ Lady Shirley Brady, were also recognised for their efforts over the previous year. Adam shields was also presented an inscribed cup for winning last year's George Digweed challenge.

A special thanks all our sponsors throughout the year, our hard working committee, office men and women, our lunch providing ladies, committee, visiting shooters and to all our much valued members.

Sunday 24th. October 2017

The Rainer Brandemeir sponsored shoot was a challenging and also entertaining course of eight stands. The course was well designed by seasoned & new committee and club members. 37 shooters fought it out for the win in the beautiful sunshine, with just a light breeze to tame the heat. The rabbit kept shooters on their toes as the clays were sent running and jumping down a path that proved a tease for all. C grade winnersThere were also some fun overhead and incoming targets that stretched the limits if you didn’t get them early. Bruce Arthurson shot for the money and unfortunately missed out like many people before him, but none the less he was still a winner, taking home a generously donated meat tray from Bennys Butchery of Cobargo. A grade winners

Some great scores were shown in this handicap event, especially in C Grade, with Michael Platts reaching 125 and Richard Watkins with 119. AA Grade saw Phillip Craig just out-do Craig Field by 1 point with 99 and 98 respectively and Nev Brady clearly taking out A Grade. Lunch was a magnificent spread put on by Bermagui Field & Game Committee, with a huge thank you to all who brought a plate to share. Thank you also to our sponsor of the day Rainer Brandemeir.

Sunday 27th. August 2017

Bermagui Field & Game hosted the inaugural Cheryl Brady Memorial 100tgt Handicap Challange on Sunday the 27th August, proudly sponsored by Nev & Shirl Brady of Bermagui Welding. The challenging but, entertaining course was set at nine stands of gruelling mountain goat walking tracks. The competitors were kept on their toes with a varied array of targets, of which included :- springing teal & a rabbit that played very hard to get and teased the shooters no end. The day was made even more difficult by the lovely icy winds & misty rain for the first two rounds, however it was good to see the shooters tough it out for a chance at the prizes. The set-up committee should be commended on the well balanced course. Nathan Wu - High Gun of the day. Congratulations to Nathan Wu, [left] who was awarded High Gun of the day with a score of 113, he was presented with the 2017 Cheryl Brady Memorial sash and walked away with an array of prizes and his name on the winners plaque. Zip Summerell piped his son at the post, Ray for 1st prize in the men’s B Grade. Juniors saw Josef Gschwend come 1st by outdoing his sister Holly who achieved second with Pat Thompson 3rd. Andrew Whitbread won the raffle to shoot the jackpot $500. Unfortunately he was left holding the meat tray from Benny’s Butchery of Cobargo after failing to hit the required amount of targets.

Sunday 23rd July 2017

Sunday 23rd July witnessed the annual pilgrimage of Michael and Helen Rouse from Tumut to join local members in commemorating Bermagui Field and Game's founding member Neil Rouse and to present the club person for 2017 with their award. The award is recognised as the club's most prestigious award and presented to the person that the Committee considers has contributed most to the club over the past year. This year the award was made to club president and founding member Nev Brady, a fact shielded from Nev until he had almost completed his usual speech extolling the dedication and achievements of a proxy recipient; it was an award well deserved and acknowledged by those present.
2017_NRouse_Award 	A surprised Nev. Brady receiving his award from Michael and Helen Rouse.[Left] 2017_NRouse_Award: A surprised Nev. Brady receiving his award from Michael and Helen Rouse.
The Neil Rouse Memorial Shoot of 75 targets OTG was generously sponsored with a range of practical prizes by Pat and Tatia Jubb. It was shot over three rounds of an eight station course that was set by Pat Jubb and his helpers and contained a good range of targets in both degree of difficulty and trajectory. Visiting shooters attended from Cooma, Illawarra, Tumut and Western Australia. Outstanding scores were achieved by Craig Field and Holly Gschwend winning A Grade and Juniors respectively and a number of shoot offs were needed to determine minor paces. Pat Maher won the shoot raffle , however was unable to shoot the required number of targets to win the $500 jackpot and received the consolation meat tray donated by Bennys Butchery of Cobargo.

Sunday25th. June 2017

Bermagui Field and Game's monthly shoot for June was a 100 target handicap event generously sponsored by Scott and Lisa Bradley of Bermagui Bait and Tackle. The range had been set mostly by Nev Brady and comprised eight shooting stations with a wide variety of targets that received favourable comments by many shooters as one of the best layouts presented at the club. Local shooters were joined by visitors from Goulburn, Cooma, Illawarra and Sydney.

The stand out shooters on the scoreboard were the place getters in C Grade, all shooting well above their handicap and the Lady shooters not far behind them.

C Grade winners, Mat Richardson, Dave Bedingfield and Owen Gauslaa. Ladies winners, Barbie Magrin, Vikki Marshall and Carol Cook.
{Left} C Grade winners, Mat Richardson, Dave Bedingfield and Owen Gauslaa.
[Right] Ladies winners, Barbie Magrin, Vikki Marshall and Carol Cook.
The club shoot raffle was won by Craig Field who was unable to realise the $500 on offer if he could shoot all of the required eight targets in the shoot off. Craig's consolation prize was a meat tray donated by Bennys Butchery of Cobargo.

Sunday28th. May 2017

Sunday 28th May started out crystal clear until a few showers rolled in during the afternoon. This wasn't enough to dampen the enthusiasm of local and travelling shooters from Illawarra, Canberra, Cooma and Moe and a good day was enjoyed by all. The event was 56 pairs of double targets from seven shooting stations that was set and sponsored by Barbie and Mario Magrin. A great range of prizes were on offer for those who could concentrate and handle the mostly falling targets; a really good effort from Barbie and Mario. First place in Grades: Mark Gschwend-AA/A, Penny White-Ladies, 			Owen Gauslaa-C, Jimmy Drakos-B and Holly Gschwend-Juniors with 		sponsors Barbie and Mario Magrin
[Left] First place in Grades: Mark Gschwend-AA/A, Penny White-Ladies, Owen Gauslaa-C, Jimmy Drakos-B and Holly Gschwend-Juniors with sponsors Barbie and Mario Magrin.

Gavin Moulding attracted a good crowd of onlookers for his shoot-off for the $500 Jackpot raffle and demonstrated that even the really good shots do sometimes miss. Consolation was at hand with a meat tray generously donated by Bennys Butchery of Cobargo.

Next shoot: 10am Sunday 25th June 2017 100 Target HCP sponsored by Scott & Lisa Bradley of Bermagui Bait & Tackle.

Set up crew: Ron Manly, Nev Brady, Mario Magrin, Jon Theobald and Pat Maher

Sunday 23rd April 2017

It was another glorious day in paradise at the Bermagui F&G Club on Sunday 23rd April for the 100 target event generously sponsored again by the Bermagui Country Club. The eight squads comprised local and visiting shooters from Cooma, the Majura Park club in Canberra and Illawarra.
The set-up crew ably directed by Mark Gschwend and Tony Crome had established two ranges each with six shooting stations that presented a good variety of interesting targets. Tony was having another of his on-song days, finishing with a very creditable 90 and Mark wasn't far behind with 87. Other notable scores were achieved by Oscar Mower with 80, Josef Gschwend with 67 and Holly Gschwend with 69, all three shooting in Grades as there wasn't a Juniors grading for this event.

A Grade winners, Barry Dunn, Tony Crome and Oscar Mower .

Robin Perkins with 77 took out Ladies grade but did not also win the within-squad rivalry that she had with Colin Brownlie who also finished with 77 Ladies winners, Robin Perkins, Michelle Craig and Holly Gschwend.
[LEFT] A Grade winners, Barry Dunn, Tony Crome and Oscar Mower.
The $500 Jackpot raffle was won by Craig Field who shot well in the days competition but could not shoot the required number of targets in the shoot-off and had to settle for the consolation meat tray donated by Bennys Butchery.
[RIGHT]Ladies winners, Robin Perkins, Michelle Craig and Holly Gschwend.

Next shoot: 10am Sunday 28th May 2017. 112 Target HCP Muzza's Pairs sponsored by Barbie and Mario Magrin.

Set up crew: Mario and Barbie Magrin, Nev Brady, Jon Theobald and Pat Maher.

Sunday 26th March 2017

Eight squads of local and visiting shooters from Cooma, Bombala, Illawarra and Canberra attended the club's March shoot. The event was the 100 target Dave Cook and Mark Raabe Memorial handicap event to commemorate these two highly-respected men who were active members of the club and who made significant contributions to its well-being. The event was sponsored by the Cook, Raabe, Robinson and Field families who provided magnificent seafood trays as prizes. Chris Raabe, Craig Field and their helpers had thoughtfully constructed two shooting layouts to take advantage of light conditions while presenting shooters with new and challenging targets. One layout was used for the morning's program of 50 targets and the other in the afternoon; all targets were highly visible.

Many of the shooters shot above their handicap, though the Ladies stood out for consistency with all three winners coming in with 104 and count-backs required to determine placings.

Ladies winners, Rhonda White, Robin Perkins and Michelle Craig with 		sponsors, Carol Cook, Chris Robinson, Jan and Chris Raabe.

B Grade shooters also performed well with Jimmy Drakos doubling up from last months shoot and again taking out first place.
{Left] Ladies winners, Rhonda White, Robin Perkins and Michelle Craig with sponsors, Carol Cook, Chris Robinson, Jan and Chris Raabe B Grade winners, Warren Marshall, Jim Drakos and Pat Jubb with 			sponsors, Carol Cook, Jan and Chris Raabe, Chris Robinson and Craig Field.

High gun on handicap was Dale Alison on 112 while Phil Craig was the OTG high gun with 88/100. Both the slab raffle and $500 Jackpot raffle were won by Richard Watkins. Richard failed to shoot the required number of targets in the shoot-off had to settle for the consolation meat tray donated by Bennys Butchery.
[Right]B Grade winners, Warren Marshall, Jim Drakos and Pat Jubb with sponsors, Carol Cook, Jan and Chris Raabe, Chris Robinson and Craig Field

Next shoot: 10am Sunday 24th April 2017 100 OTG Shoot sponsored by Bermagui Country Club

Set up crew: Zip Sommerell, Bernie Parker, Pat Jubb, Mat Richardson and John Hine

Sunday 26th February 2017

The annual Safari Firearms springing teal event was held at the club on Sunday 26th February. We were very fortunate this year to have both Gary Georgiou and his father George in attendance. Gary has been a long term sponsor of the club and once again provided a generous array of shooting accessories as prizes.

Sponsors Gary & George Georgiou with high gun Gavin Moulding[Left] Sponsors Gary & George Georgiou with high gun winner, Gavin Moulding
Two shooting ranges comprising five shooting stations had been set by Darren Redman and his helpers with each station having a pair of springing teal targets to reflect the theme of this event. Local and visiting shooters and their families from Illawarra, Cooma and Canberra enjoyed a good range of targets as well as the usual complementary lunch and good camaraderie.

Gavin Moulding return after a long absence from the club and took out high gun with a score of 93/100. Other creditable scores were achieved by Darren Redman and Phil Craig with the A Grade and B Grade placed shooters knocking on the door of the grade above them.
Gary Georgiou won the $500 Jackpot raffle however could not shoot all of the targets to take home the jackpot and accepted the consolation meat tray donated by Bennys Butchery of Cobargo.

Next shoot: 10am Sunday 26th March 2017 100 tgt HCP Mark Raabe & Dave Cook Memorial sponsored by Family & Friends
Set up crew: Chris Raabe, Craig Field, Pat Jubb, Pat Tennant & Mat Richardson

Sunday 29th January 2017

Sunday saw the second of Bermagui Field and Game's shoots held in January. This shoot was very generously sponsored with prizes going down to fifth place in most grades and to ninth place in C Grade. There was a good attendance of local and visiting shooters from further north along the coast, however numbers of visiting shooters were down because of a two-day shoot held at an adjacent club over the same weekend. This was a pity as the two ranges set by Mark Gschwend and his setup crew offered some new and challenging targets and it was one of the better programs experienced at the range. Craig Field was able to shoot a possible 25 in one of his rounds however could not exceed the very good scores from other A Grade shooters Bob Duncan and Darren Redman. Other very notable scores were from Holly Gschwend in Juniors and from Rob Shaw in B Grade; with such form it is not going to be very long before Rob challenges higher grades.

Jimmy Drakos was winner of the $500 Jackpot raffle however his thoughts of the club's well being must have distracted him in the shoot off as he was unable to shoot the required number of targets and had to accept the consolation meat tray donated by Bennys Butchery of Cobargo.

Next shoot: 10am Sunday 26th February 2017 - 100 tgt Springing Teal Challenge sponsored by Safari Firearms

Set up crew: Darren & Jan Redman, Jimmy Drakos, Darryl Newman & Bernie Parker

Sunday 8th. January 2017

The club's first shoot for 2017 was held on Sunday 8th at its Murrah River Road shooting range. Ten squads of shooters participated in the two competitions; a side by side event sponsored by Bruce Arthurson and an under and over event sponsored by Vikki and Warren Marshall. The eight shooting stations presented shooters with a good range of challenging targets with the highlight of the day being junior shooter from Cooma, Oscar Mower coming in with a possible 25 on his first round and solid scores in his remaining three rounds.
John Lehmann led the field to take out high gun in the side by side event and the ten winners on handicap were across all grades. Sponsor Bruce Arthurson with High Gun John Lehmann and other winners 	of the side by side event All winning shooters in the under and over competition shot above their handicap and there were a number cases where count backs were required to determine the top ten place getters.

[Left}Sponsor Bruce Arthurson with High Gun John Lehmann and other winners of the side by side event

[Right] Sponsors Vikki and Warren Marshall with winners of the U/O Event Sponsors Vikki and Warren Marshall with winners of the Under & Over event

Adam Mower was winner of the jackpot sweep however was unable to show the form of son Oscar in the shoot off and had to settle for the consolation meat tray that was generously donated by Bennys Butchery of Cobargo. A special thanks to Garry Martin who trapped for shooters and once again demonstrated his dedication to shooting and the interest of others.

Next shoot: 10am Sunday 29th January 2017 100 tgt OTG Grumpy's Challenge sponsored by Grumpy

Set up crew: Mark, Grace, Holly & Joey Gschwend, Tony Crome & Adam Shiels

Sunday 23rd. October 2016

Bermagui’s Rainer Brandermier was the proud sponsor of the Bermagui Field & Games October clay target shoot. Shooters came from the Illawarra, Cooma, Batemans Bay and Victoria to partake in the 100 target event. Throughout the day the weather fluctuated between beautiful summer sunshine and cold wintery showers, and with a constant 30 knot wind made way for some very interesting targets.

Willie White and his set up crew did a great job setting up the range in some very trying conditions. Everybody enjoyed the day and spoke highly of the course.
[Left}Junior winners left to right Zane, Joey, Holly, Patrick.left to right Zane, Joey, Holly, Patrick.

Lunch was once again supplied, free of charge, by the club and it’s Ladies Committee, and I don’t think there is another club in the State that turns on such an amazing spread for its members and guests.

New shooter Rob Shaw, who has taken to the sport like a duck to water, was the lucky winner of the shoot raffle and only had to shoot the mandatory 8 targets to win the $500 jackpot. Old mate was confident.

Amid the usual friendly heckling, Rob positioned himself perfectly on station one and awaited the arrival of the first target, only to see it slip by his shot pattern and sail peacefully into the distance, amid fits of laughter from the large gathered crowd. Bad luck Rob, but I’m sure you will enjoy the beautiful meat tray supplied by Rory of Benny’s Butchery Cobargo.

Sunday 25th September 2016

September's monthly shoot was the 100 target OTG Coomagui 777 Challenge, proudly sponsored by long-term club supporters Jim and Rhonda Drakos of Drakos Bros Construction and the 777 Supermarket and Deli. Jim and his setup crew had set a challenging course of seven shooting stations that saw Bob Duncan come in with an outright high gun score of 82. Another notable score was Oscar Mower's from Cooma with 71 in Juniors. Eleven squads competed in this annual event with shooters coming from Illawarra, Mallacoota, Bombala and a busload from Cooma. There was also a good field of Lady shooters and some very welcome and enthusiastic new local shooters.

Drakos 2016 Ladies Sunday's shoot was the second leg of the Coomagui challenge between the Cooma and Bermagui clubs with the first leg having been won by the Cooma club when they surged 75 points ahead on the previous Sunday during persistent cold and wet conditions at Cooma. The local team of Craig Field, Zip Summerell, Pat Tennant, John Hine, Tony Crome and Bob Duncan was able to recover some of score difference and take home the complementary meat tray prizes during the second leg on Sunday with more favourable shooting conditions at Bermagui.

Bermagui - Coomagui Team 2016 However the valiant effort of local shooters was unable to redress the score difference; Cooma ending 63 points ahead to take out the trophy for 2016 and leaving the club presidents to exchange congratulations and condolences and to contemplate their club's prospects for 2017.

Presidents Coomagui for 2016 Tony Crome had won the shoot raffle and was widely expected to take home the $500 jackpot after successfully shooting mini-sized targets in the shoot off for first place in A Grade, however he could not maintain his form with full-sized targets in the jackpot shoot off and had to settle for the consolatory meat tray. A special thanks to Benny's Butchery of Cobargo for donating Tony's meat tray prize and to Gary Martin who trapped on the day despite having a sore shoulder.

Sunday 28th August 2016

The club shoot for August was the 100 target Cheryl Brady Memorial Shield handicap event sponsored by Nev and Shirl Brady of Bermagui Welding. Nev and his helpers had set a course with five shooting stations, each having three traps where the degree of difficulty progressively increased over the four rounds as the mix of targets changed from predominately single targets, through to report pairs and finally to simultaneous pairs. Shooter comments were positive on this changed format and generally described the course as "interesting" and while many shooters scores were above their handicap, scores were not helped by one station of simultaneous crossers that became harder to see as daylight retreated.

 C Brady2016 winner of C Grade High Gun on the day was C Grade shooter Andrew Whitbread who came in with a creditable handicap score of 119. Other C Grade shooters also put in good scores to head the scoreboard and collected magnificent meat trays as prizes that were prepared by Benny's Butchery of Cobargo, as did Tony Crome who was unsuccessful in shooting for the shoot raffle and had to settle for the consolatory meat tray donated by Benny's Butchery. A special thanks also to Mick Cook who gave up his Sunday to trap for the shooters.

Club Person for 2016 The club's most prestigious annual award, that of Club Person of the year for 2016 has been awarded to Barbie Magrin. The presentation was made at last months shoot by the relatives of founding member Neil Rouse and is awarded to the member who the committee considers has contributed most to the club in recent years. Barbie has enthusiastically held the position of club secretary for the past two years and has tirelessly participated in working bees and helping out in many facets of the club's operation over a long period of time. Memorable are the working bees where Barbie was the last person standing after a strenuous days work - a popular recipient and an award well deserved.

Next shoot: 10am Sunday 25th September 2016 100 tgt OTG Coomagui Cup 777 Challenge, sponsored by Jim & Rhonda Drakos of Drakos Bros Construction & 777 Supermarket & Deli

Set up crew: Jim & James Drakos, Dick Brown, Craig Field, Phil Craig, Roger Budd, Andrew Whitbread & Jack Dart

Sunday 24th July 2016

Sunday 24th July saw the annual Neil Rouse Memorial shoot at Bermagui Field and Game's club in honour of our well respected founding member. As in previous years the 75 target event was generously sponsored by Pat and Tatia Jubb and attended by family members Helen and Michael Rouse from Tumut. Pat and his helpers had set a course of seven shooting stations with a range of well chosen and challenging targets, all able to be shot though not all in the same round. Craig Field put in three rounds of 22 out of 25 as the highest score on the day and was clearly ahead of the rest.

Rouse Memorial shoot 2016	B Grade winners - Mario Magrin, Craig Field and Richard Seers with Pat JubbA training day was also held for new and novice shooters and four took advantage of the tuition provided by Bruce Arthurson and Nev Brady who sacrificed their days shooting for that purpose, a special thanks to these gentlemen. Everyone had an enjoyable lunch following the shoot, this time a selection of casseroles brought along by members rather than the usual barbeque. The shoot raffle was won by Craig Field who was packing up the tower after the shoot when the winner was announced so it was a tall order for him when he came back to earth to shoot the required number of targets and take home the $500 jackpot on offer. The club held its AGM following the shoot and while attending members recognised the good work of the outgoing committee, there was a reluctance to nominate for positions to support the facility that members enjoy each month; the committee remains unchanged with the exception of one position.

Next shoot: 10am Sunday 28th August 2016 100 tgt handicap Cheryl Brady Memorial Shoot sponsored by Nev and Shirl Brady of Bermagui Welding
Set up crew: Nev Brady, Elspeth and Barry Dunn, Warren and Vikki Marshall

Sunday 22nd. May 2016

Sunday the 22nd was the annual "Muzzas Pairs" Shoot at Bermagui Field and Game. This was a shoot where only pairs were thrown. Mario Magrin and Barbie Magrin were the sponsors of the event, generously providing a HUGE array of prizes! A special mention to the set up crew consisting of Muz & Barbie Magrin, Pat Tennant, Dave More and Nev Brady, this was an extremely enjoyable course! As usual, our ladies in the kitchen put on an awesome morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, greatly appreciated girls!

Standout shooter for the day was Phillip Craig , shooting an exceptional 92/112 targets! Junior winners

Nev Brady won the shoot raffle but being the great club man he is left the money in the bank, unfortunately missing the second target. [Left] JUNIOR WINNERS: Oscar Mower, Holly, Josef and Grace Gschwend.
NEXT SHOOT: Sunday June 26th 10am 100 tgt HCP Bermagui Bait & Tackle Challenge sponsored by Scott and Lisa Bradley

Sunday 24th April 2016

Sunday the 24th was the inaugural Dave Cook / Mark Raabe Memorial Shoot at Bermagui Field and Game. Long time friends and travelling companions Chris Robinson and Crag Field were the major sponsors of the event while Chris Raabe was the course designer. Travelers came from Goulburn, Cooma, Bega and Canberra to take part in the days proceedings and enjoy the hospitality of the Bermagui Field and Game's members. As usual, our ladies put on an awesome morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea , greatly appreciated!

High Gun was awarded to Chris Raabe, shooting an exceptional 77 targets!
[Below] high gun winner: Chris Raabe
High gun winner, Chris RaabeBarry Dunn was the winner of the shoot raffle, but being the generous club supporter that he is, failed to smash the required number of clays, and so left the dollars in the Piggy Bank. Barry was extremely happy to receive the magnificent meat tray supplied by Rory from Benny's Butchery in Cobargo as a consolation prize.

[Right] A grade winners: Bill Warriner, Mark Gschwend and Nev. Brady. A grade winners: Bill Warriner, Mark Gschwend and 
	Nev. Brady.

Sunday 20th March 2016

Sunday the 20th of March was the OTG springing teal challenge at Bermagui Field and Game generously sponsored by Gary Georgiou, Safari Firearms . 45 shooters travelled from as far away as Goulburn to participate in the days event. Half a dozen shooters and a bunch of their supporters travelled down from Goulburn for the day, which was much appreciated by the Bermagui club.
[Left] Ladies Winners: Jan Redman, Robin Perkins, Michelle CraigLadies Winners: Jan Redman, Robin Perkins, Michelle Craig The course was set up by Darren and Jan Redman and their crew and was enjoyed by all. There was a good sprinkling of C and B grade targets, along with a couple of A / AA grade targets, to keep the punters honest. There also featured a special novelty for anyone who hit a random white target, these lucky people were awarded with a box of cartridges at the end of the day.

Springing teal challenge winner : Bill Warriner

A Springing Teal event was also included on the day and was won by Cooma shooter, Bill Warriner. A special mention to Matt Richardson who had the chance to win the shoot raffle but after hitting a few targets was unsuccessful. A big thank you to Pat Bedingfield who trapped for the day's event, much appreciated by everyone mate.[Right] Springing teal challenge winner : Bill Warriner

Our next shoot is the Dave Cook and Mark Raabe Memorial Shoot to acknowledge the magnificent effort these two men made to the Bermagui Field and Game over a long period of time . 24th April 10am.
Set up crew for the shoot is Chris Raabe, Craig Field ,Pat Maher, Gav Moulding and Phil Craig.

Sunday 28th February 2016

Sunday the 28th of February was the OTG state selection shoot at Bermagui Field and Game generously sponsored by The Bermagui country club and the NSW Federation . 84 shooters along with their families came from as far away as Dubbo, Mudgee, Sydney, Shoalhaven, Cooma and everywhere in between to enjoy the great targets.

[Left] Sash Winners shooter who won sashes

Daniel Baskerville from Sydney was the eventual Overall High Gun recipient after a high pressure shoot-off with 16 year old Bermagui member Mathew Wilesmith.

[Right]  High gun winner: Daniel Baskerville High gun winner: Daniel Baskerville

The winning team for the day was Mudgee. The Mudgee team consisted of Daniel Baskerville, John Collier, Reno Morganti and Jack Roth. Mudgee scored a total of 292 points, Sydney came 2nd with 288 points and Bermagui 3rd on 286 points.

The 100 target OTG event was finished off with presentation of generously sponsored prizes. Cartridges, sashes and medallions where among the prizes for the winning shooters. Presented by Rob Beuzeville from the Bermagui Country Club and Tony Allen, former Bega Valley council mayor and club supporter.

A special thank you to all the volunteering trappers for the day, consisting of Cookie, Pat Tennant, Zip Summeral, Mick Diss, Rodger Budd, Craig,Baugley and his son , always appreciated as these people gave up their days shooting in order to keep the day running smoothly. A big thank you must also go to all who made lunch possible from people bringing a plate of food to the ladies on the BBQ. And also a thank you to all shooters who travelled great distances to partake in the days event.

The next shoot is on March 20th 10am featuring the OTG springing teal event sponsored by Gary Georgiou, Safari Firearms. Set up crew for the shoot is Darren Redman, Jan Redman , Jimmy Drakos, Bernie Parker, Dayle Allison and Darryl Newman.

Sunday 10th January 2016

Sunday the 10th of January was Grumpy's Challenge at Bermagui Field and Game, and it sure was a challenge! Mark and Josef Gschwend with Adam Shiels set a course that really tested the 33 shooters, yet was enjoyable combined with the sunny weather on the day. The 100 target handicap event was finished off with presentation of generously sponsored prizes. Thanks heaps to Grumpy for the sponsoring the day.

Darren Redman shot 70 which was the highest score of the day, winning first in A/AA Grade. He was followed closely by the other A/AA grade shooters Mark Gschwend with 69 and Nev Brady with 67.

[Below] A/AA Grade Winners: Darren Redman, Mark Gschwend and Nev Brady A/AA Grade Winners: Darren Redman, Mark Gschwend and Nev Brady

Bruce Atherson won the slab raffle, scoring himself some shells as well as David Beddingfield winning the lucky Shooter draw. Mario Magrin drew a crowd when he almost won the Shoot Raffle. He came so close to getting the money prize. Smashing the first lot of targets but unfortunately missing the seventh one. The $500 remains in the club piggy bank.

[Below right] The Gschwend Junior crew: Grace, Holly and Josef A big thanks to all that came out, the gang in the office, everyone who supplied and cooked lunch and sponsors. Next shoot is on the 31st of January. The Gschwend Junior crew: Grace, Holly and JosefIt will be a 100tgt handicap side by side event sponsored by Bruce Arthurson as well as an Under and Over event.

Set up crew: Phil & Shelley Craig, Darryl Newman, Mick Diss, Bruce Arthurson and Dale White.

Presidents Report February 2015.

Sorry for the delay this month in getting the report out, but unfortunately our computer got severely hacked by some skum bag impersonating as a Telecom employee. All very official with names and employee endorsments but actually, as we found out later, had nothing to do with Telecom, but has made our life hell for the last month or so. Should hang the bastards. On a better note, February thanks go to Gary Georgiou, his family, and Safari Firearms for once again sponsoring the Springing Teal Challenge for another year.

Gary has been a long time supporter of our club for which we are extremely grateful. If you are in the market for a new or second hand firearm or any other shooting supplies, please, give Gary a call and support the suppliers who support our club. Good to see Mark Gschwend and Zip Summerill back at the ground after their independent run in’s with mountain bikes and motor bikes. Just remember fella’s your not 18 anymore.

Thanks also to Mark Raabe for kindly making up and donating a couple of empty shell, pick up sticks to the club. If you see one not being used I can guarantee you it will not bite you should you desire to pick it up and carry it around the course for a round or two picking up a few empty shells and placing them in the shell buckets.

Phil Craig had his chance to pluck a couple of hundred smackaroos for his 69th birthday, after having his ticket drawn out for the shoot raffle but missed the 3rd target out, making next months prize a cool $250.

I didn’t think it was possible but I think our ladies lunches are actually getting better. Well done girls.

Phil and Shelley have just returned from the Veterans games in Wagga with a bag full of medals. It hasn’t been officially confirmed as yet, but rumour has it that the crease on Phillips face is actually a smile. Well done gang.

Pat Jubb copped a whack on the noggin at work the other day and was lucky to escape serious injury. We wish Pat a speedy recovery. Unfortunately, our quest to have another days shooting has been defeated by the B.V.S.C., looks like we will have to work around this problem, by making the most of what we’ve got.

Don’t forget the working bee at the club on Sunday the 29th March starting at 8am. Food and refreshments supplied. Many hands make light work.

Due to our computer being out of action we have missed out on the happenings and goings on around the traps, but I hear Adam Mower has graciously got our Facebook page up and running. Not sure how it all works, but needless to say, we will eventually get a handle on it. Thanks Adam for your much valued input.

Cooma shoot this week, so get up the hill and support our nearest neighbours, and don’t forget to vote for the Shooters and Fishers party. Until next time Shoot Straight & Often.

Nev B.

President’s Report January 2015 2nd Shoot.

Phil and Shelley Craig, along with Bruce "Mick Doohan" Arthurson, are this months recipients of the Bermagui Field & Games bottles of aged scotch for their much valued sponsorships of the 2nd January shoot for 2015. Phil and Bruce set up a very challenging course consisting of eight stands. While every station consisted of great targets, course setters are reminded that we have to make sure C graders and new shooters also hit some targets and enjoy their day out, so a couple of C/B grade stands on each course are a MUST if we are to attract and keep new shooters.

Congratulations to Patrick Jubb for winning the side x side event, the second time he has achieved the honour. Well done old fella. Good to see the same old frail and infirm out packing up the course at days end while a few of the young and intact were spotted up at the shed enjoying a beer. It looks like we will have to go back to the old station roster system in the future.

Thanks to Jimmy Drakos for supplying the fish, also to Jan and Darren for their donation of goods. To Elspeth, Shelley, Jan Raabe and everyone who pitched in and helped out in Shirl’s absence, a special thank you. To Muz, Pat, Barbie, Shelley and Jan Redman, a top job gang running the office. To all the ladies, who once again supplied the magnificent salads, coleslaws, cakes and slices, the rest of the shooting world can’t believe that the spread you all help put on at lunch time on shoot days costs the punters absolutely zilch. Well done girls!

The Victorian Duck Season has been announced and will commence on the 21st March, 2015. Good luck to all those that are venturing down south. Just make sure you have all the relevant licenses and paper work done and dusted. Spent a couple of days in Bega Hospital last week finally getting rid of this pesky gallbladder, and while I was in there I was bunked in with a bloke from Moruya who happens to know our present “George Digweed”, Adam Shiels. Seems Adam is known in those parts as “Captain Pugwash”, he didn’t ellaborate so I will have to find out more.

Council rep came out to inspect our storage shed site last week, so it shouldn’t be long before things start moving in that department. Hopefully!

As a follow-up to the ladies day that was held in Cooma a couple of weeks ago. Guess who fronted up dressed as an old sheila? Fair dinkum Muz, a dress, bra, (most definitely needed), and lipstick are obviously not the only ingredients needed to make one self look pretty.

Don’t know a whole lot of about it, but Facebook may be our next means of communication. Watch this space. Has anyone got an old radiator laying around that will fit into the club ute? Please let us know ASAP. Don’t forget the NSW March Elections. It doesn’t matter who you vote for on the little sheet, Labour, Liberal, or whoever but for the sake of preserving your own sport, please vote for the Shooters & Fishers Party on the tablecloth size ballot paper. Just on that, we need polling booth attendants at as many polling booths in the area as we can. Please let us know of your availability so as we can organise a roster.

Nice of Darren to leave the money in the bank by missing a couple of the shoot raffle targets, $200 next shoot. This month’s shoot is the Safari Firearms Springing Teal Challenge sponsored by Garry Georgiou and his family, and set-up by Darren Redman and his band of merry helpers.
Until next time , shoot straight and often.




Well here we go again. The years seem to fly by, like a gun shy mob of blackies on opening morning. Unfortunately we enter 2015 without one of our treasured members. Dave “Captain”Cook passed away unexpectedly on the 1st December 2014. Dave was instrumental in our club procuring several grants from different government authorities over the years, which has seen the club flourish in terms of finances. Dave was also solely responsible for the introduction of computerising our shoot day office arrangements, to which everybody who helps out in the office is extremely grateful, he was also Secretary of the club for several years and bought a degree of professionalism to committee meetings for which we are very much appreciative. Cap will be sadly missed by everyone at the club, and our sincere condolences are extended to Carol, Lachlan and Brendan at this very sad time.

On a lighter note, this months first shoot was proudly sponsored by the Bermagui Country Club. We extend our gratitude to the Country Club for their continued support. Forty shooters and their families enjoyed the two courses which were designed by Matt Richardson, and undoubtly tested the best of them. Once again our ladies put out a magnificent spread for the lunch time crowd, thanks as always girls. Congratulations to James Drakos for knocking off the $150 in the shoot raffle, young eyes, young reflexes, made it look easy James, well done.

Don’t forget that whenever there are five Sundays in the month there will be a working bee at the club starting at 8am. Sausage sizzle and refreshments provided. This years working bee will March 29 and November 29.

Mark Raabe continues to clean up after others with his “magnet on a stick”. Top job mate, but no excuses for shooters who are still too lazy to pick up after themselves.

Don’t forget Cooma’s “ladies day ”next weekend. Great innovation by the new committee. Promises to be a hoot (no pun intended), with ladies of the day not having to pay noms, and no Muzz, this is not an excuse to dress up as a sheila

Was down at Mallacoota for their Christmas shoot and was having a beer with the local vet, he told me the story about when, during the last duck open season, one of the local tree hugging brigade bought a very limp looking black duck into his surgery and gently laid it on the operating table. The vet pulled out his stethoscope, listened to the birds chest, looked up sadly and informed the lady that the duck, was indeed dead. The tree hugger yelled and screamed at the vet and demanded he get a second opinion. The Vet thought for a moment, before leaving the surgery and returning with a big tabby cat. The Moggie jumped up onto the operating table, sniffed the bird from bill to tail, looked up at the bemused tree hugger, shook his head slowly then jumped off the table and quietly left the surgery. The Vet once again left the room and moments later returned with a beautiful, pure bred, black Labrador which calmly jumped up onto the table, nuzzled the limp bird, picked it up gently in his mouth and placed it into the lady's clammy hands. He then looked her in the eye and slowly shaking his regal head, alighted the table,and walked outside. The vet looked solemnly at the woman and said, l’m sorry, but as l said, this is most definitely,100% certifiably, a dead duck.
The vet turned to his computer terminal, hit a few keys and produced a bill which he handed to the woman. The Hugger, still in shock,took the bill, ‘’What the f%#k”, $150 just to tell me the f%$*#’n duck is dead!”. The vet shrugged. "I’m sorry" he said. If you had just taken my word for it, the bill would have been $20 but with the Cat scan and Lab report, it’s now $150.
Next shoot in a fortnight is the side X side Bush Classic sponsored by Phil & Shelley Craig, while the U/O side of proceedings will be sponsored by Bruce Arthurson. Until next time , Shoot Straight & Often.

Nev B.

President’s Report November 2014.

As usual our Christmas shoot was sponsored by Santa. So to Mr. and Mrs. Claus we sincerely thank you for your magnificent generosity and your continued involvement in the club and its activities. The club and its members wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

A top job by Chris, Mark and Jan Raabe who along with Craig Field, worked their butts off for the last week to ensure the day went off without a hitch. Great job gang and thanks Chris for the added donation of a top notch little BBQ. Shirl loves it. Congratulations to Gav Moulding (OTG) and Grace Gscwhend (HCP) for winning the club championships for 2014,and then Grace followed up by winning the Raabe Family sponsored Junior sash and trophy, well shot to both of you.

Well done to Adam Shiels for edging out myself, and winning the inaugural “ George Digweed” Springing Teal Challenge, getting back to the 60 metre mark to snag the overall title. (I couldn’t see the bloody thing).

Well done to Cooma Field & Game for putting together their 2015 wall calendar with ALL local gun club shoot days incorporated. If you are interested in getting a copy for $12, please get in contact with Robyn Perkins or any member of their committee. The concept might be something the Executive of the N.S.W. Federation could look at, with a month for every club, with perhaps, a group photo of every clubs committee, as that particular months feature photograph. Food for thought perhaps for 2016?

Thanks to Chris Robbo and Adam Shiels for their generous donations to our Christmas raffles.

Old duck shooting mates never die, they just get older and fall apart, just ask Nev, Muzz and Phil.

Spoke to a couple of visitors at our Xmas shoot and they couldn’t get over the fact that our magnificent FREE Christmas lunch is something that happens at every shoot throughout the year. Well done once again girls.

Also good to see members of ACTA, SSAA, and Field & Game Australia attending our Xmas shoot. Here, at Bermagui, we welcome ALL clay target shooters to ALL of our shoots, as we believe, there are more than enough people / organizations out there trying to destroy us without doing it ourselves. Amen

. Well this year has been a very trying 12 months with not a lot going our way in relation to expanding our club and its membership. As you all know, we have been pushing Council to get consent to have 12 practice/ training days per year, incorporated in our original DA, however, it seems clay target shooting is the only sport in the Bega Valley where you are unable to obtain any formal training/ tuition or practice prior to participating in competition. I’m sure glad footballers, hockey players, swimmers, golfers and the like aren’t treated like this, otherwise we would have no sporting champions, or for that matter, sport in general, played in the shire. Perhaps they want our kids to stay indoors and excel at computer games and obesity. Keep watching this space.

To our Committee, Muzz, Willi, Patrick and Phil, thank you all for a great year, with special thanks going to the two hardest working people on any Committee, our Secretary and Treasurer, Barbie and Shelley, for their outstanding efforts, to our Publicity Officer, Barry Dunn, to all our magnificent sponsors, the ladies who cook up a storm and supply us with lunch on shoot days, our visiting shooters ( from ALL codes), and especially you, our members who make it all possible, and of course, last, but by no means least ,my darling wife and BBQ girl extraordinaire, Shirl, I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas ,safe and prosperous New Year, and may you continue to Shoot Straight & Often.

Nev B.

P.S To you Geoff for helping me out throughout the year, we wish you, and your family, a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

President’s Report October 2014.

Rainer and Wendy Brandermeir from Bermagui were the sponsors of the October shoot and the club extends it’s sincere gratitude to the Brandermeir family for their generosity.

The ground layout was done by Willy White and his helpers, Dave and Carol Cook, Ron Manly and Zip Summerill. A top job fella’s and with everyone coming in close to their 100% handicap, the course was faultless.

Good to catch up with Dan Bruinsma and Lahni who incorporated the shoot in a quick visit over from the West to catch up with the “olds” prior to Christmas.

Gav once again showed his prowess with a shotgun by knocking off the $500 jackpot in the shoot raffle. Well done gun, although I think it had a lot to do with Deb whispering sweet nothings in his ear on the way around the 3 stations. I didn’t hear exactly what was said, but suffice to say, Gav didn’t need to win one of the oyster trays, hey Deb.

Muzz was conspicuous by his absence, seems he and a few mates were on their annual junket up to Pervers Paradise to watch the Bar Chasers, oops sorry Barb, I mean, he was up at Surfers Paradise watching the Car Races. Just on Muzz, we all went down to Mallacoota earlier this month to shoot their 2 day event which incorporates 4 different disciplines over the 2 days and because of the complexities of working out the handicaps for every shooter, for every event, the club chooses to work on the Lewis system ,which is reasonably fair to everyone. It was therefore good to see Phil Craig take out the High Gun prize, while 2 others in our crew, State Skeet Champion Extraordinaire, Mark Corbett and AA grade champ, Mario Magrin, got 2nd and 3rd in C grade, just edging out two young school kids, an old lady with a glass eye , and a world war 2 digger who hadn’t fired a shot for 43 years, well done fellas.

After my grizzle about picking up spent shells around the different stations last month, it was good to see everyone doing so without any coaxing, but the award for innovation goes to Mark Raabe who designed a magnet on the end of a piece of conduit which enables him to get into those hard to get at places without any back breaking. Well done mate.

Thanks to Bernie Parker for the use of his truck to take the 3 pallets of clays out to the ground last week, and thanks also to Phil & Pat for giving us a hand to unload them. A real case of, many hands make light work.


Great to see Graham Peterson back on track, Pat Tennant assures me he’ll be at the Christmas shoot, by hook or by crook. Also good to catch up with Bobby Buncan and Paul Bone from Illawarra. Bob is just getting back into shooting after an 18 month lay off with A complete shoulder reconstruction.

A special “thank you” this month goes to Mark Raabe and Craig Field who took four newcomers under their wing and helped make their day an enjoyable one. Unfortunately we are still in negotiations with Council to try and get a practice day, once a month, where new shooters will be able to come and have a shot at the ground with a one on one coaching situation and without the pressure of competition, FINGERS CROSSED.

With the weather warming up the local snake population has started to emerge from hibernation ,so keep your eyes open.

Congratulations to Col O’Brien who won the handicap section of the Berretta Grand Prix in Warnambool last month, not bad for a bloke in his 9th decade on the planet, and good luck to Phil and Shelley who are on their way over to Seymour to shoot in the F.G.A. Nationals. Our next shoot is the much awaited Christmas Shoot, where EVERYBODY wins a prize and don’t forget the George Digweed Challenge, should be a hoot,and don’t forget to dress for the occasion. HO HO HO.

Until next month Shoot Straight & Often.
Nev B.

President's Report September 2014.

Last Sunday 60 shooters gathered at the Bermi F & G ground where Rhonda & Jimmy Drakos once again put on a magnificent shoot. There were great prizes on offer and the recipients were extremely grateful for their generosity. Jimmy, Willy, James and John Hine set up a great course with some tricky and deceptive targets which caught everybody off guard and, there were a couple of noticeable dummy spits throughout the day. Well done Jimmy and thanks again for your continued involvement.

The day also incorporated the second round of the Coomagui Cup. After last weeks effort up at Cooma we found ourselves 22 targets behind and when a bus load of Cooma shooters arrived at the ground we knew we were in a bit of trouble. Looking at the scoreboard at lunch time A grade was neck and neck, while our B & C graders had made substantial in roads into the 22 target deficit and the 3rd and 4th rounds were going to decide the overall winning team.

At the end of shooting the scores were tallied and thanks to our B and C graders we had pegged back the 22 target lead and went on to win the 2014 title by 13 targets. Well done to all shooters, and thanks Cooma, for helping make the day such a huge success. Phil won a shot at the $500 shoot raffle, but like the true clubman he is, he let the 4th target slip under his guard and so the $500 stays in the bank till next time. As a consolation prize he picks up the beautiful meat tray supplied by our new sponsors, Rory and Maddie at Benny's Butchery Cobargo. Thanks gang.

The Wapengo oyster, 2 dozen packs, were won by Jakie Hedger from Cooma and our own Roger Budd. ( Hope you got a good one Roge). With all the rushing around and getting things organized for presentation I completely forgot to mention 3 of the most important people who helped make the day such a success. Shelley and Barbie did an absolutely magnificent job in the office under extreme duress while Gary Martin from Cobargo never missed a beat in his role as trapper. Sorry for the hiccup gang, but as you know, your ongoing help is much appreciated by everyone at the club.

Phil and Shelley's little staffy, Puddin, put Curly through her paces after the shoot for a couple of solid hours. Curls hasn't got off her bed for two days, sure glad it's not duck season.

Has anybody seen Pat Tennant and Graham Peterson?

This weekend coming is our annual trip down to Mallacoota for their two day shoot. Great people, great shoot, can't wait. What's happened to all our juniors? Grace and Holly Gschwend seem to have frightened all our young blokes off. Muzz in AA! Who would ever have guessed. Well done mate.

Shot with Bill Warriner on the weekend and if there is a better shooter of rabbits, I'm yet to meet him. A couple of blokes starting to fall back into bad habits regarding not wearing ear and eye protection. It's a condition of our insurance policy and must be enforced, so pick up your act fella's.

Shot with Dave Bedingfield last Sunday. Dave is a new member from Merimbula and has never shot Field & Game before, but took to it like a duck to water. Won't be in the lower grades for long.

Good to see Dave Moore back on his feet. The Op was a huge success. All well.

It has also come to the Committee's attention that when the pack up crew get back from busting their bums putting everything away, there is rarely any tucker left for them to enjoy, so from now on, there will be no afternoon tea served until the last pack up crew member has returned to headquarters. So if your hungry at days end it might pay to get out on the course and help pack up. Many hands make light work.

Until next time, shoot straight and often. Nev B.

P.S. Look out Coota, here we come, and go Bunnies.

President’s Report August 2014.

Last Sunday we had 40 shooters attend the Cheryl Brady Memorial Shoot sponsored by Bermagui Welding. The day was marred by a couple of trap malfunctions which we hope to rectify for the next shoot. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day with scores ranging from very, very, good to very, very, ordinary. But with handicaps added, things didn’t look too bad on the score board. Zip Summerell was the overall winner. Congratulations Zipper and to all the Grade winners.

Roger Budd had his name drawn out for the lucky shooter prize, which is drawn at the very end of each shoot day, to encourage shooters to stay for presentations, but because of prior commitments, Roger had to leave early. The marbles were then re rattled and low and behold Rogers marble came out again. After withdrawing Roger’s marble, Holly Gcshwend was the lucky winner. Then as per usual ALL Bermagui members marbles were put in the bucket and tumbled around only to have Roger Budd’s number come out again. Bad luck Roger.

Good to have a couple of shooters come up from Mallacoota, who by all accounts had a good day. Cooma’s next shoot is on the 21st September and is the Coomagui Cup Shoot, so we need a minimum of 2 C graders, 2 B graders, and 2 AA/A graders, please get in touch with me or one of the Committee if you can attend.

There is still a vacancy for sponsorship of one of our shoots next year, if anyone is interested please let the Committee know so we can include you in our shoot calendar.

It is with great relief that I announce that the 2014 Bermagui Field & Game Secretaries position has been filled by the lovely Ms Barbara Magrin. Well done Barb, and we all hope your stay is long and enjoyable. How good is our tucker? And it’s free. Thanks to everyone who chips in. Can anyone tell me of another gun club,IN THE COUNTRY, that puts on anything like we do?

Dave and Carol Cook are about to head up to the top end where they hope to catch up with Jan and Darren Redman to do a bit of gulf country fishing and shooting.(Darren tells me he’s started a field and game type club up there). So we’ll be able to get a first hand report on Darren’s new venture.

With the Christmas shoot drawing near the Committee has decided to do away with the “Dopey Doubles” event and replace it with the George Digweed Challenge. As everyone knows Digweed set a world record last year shooting a springing teal at 10 metre increments back to 130 metres where he called it quits on a winning note.

Our challenge will be of the same format starting at 20 metres and going back at 5 metre increments. Shooters will be able to buy back in at $2 a miss to a maximum of $10. There will be a slab of shells for each grade winner AA,A,B,& C and the name of the shooter who goes back the furtherest will have his/her name, meterage and year put on an honour board. All monies gathered from the buy-back-in scheme will go to a charity a yet to be named. If you would like to nominate a charity please contact one of the Committee.

Till next time Shoot Straight & Often. Nev B.

President’s Report July 2014.

A double whammy this week. Congratulations and thank you to Patrick & Tatia Jubb. Patrick was the worthy winner of the Neil Rouse Club Person of the year award for 2014, which is given out each year to the person who the Committee deems to have gone above and beyond the call of duty in regards to the ongoing running of the club. Well done! Thank you Pat, and Tatia, for your much appreciated sponsorship of this event.

It was good to catch up with Neil’s son Michael, and his lovely wife Helen, who travel over from Tumut each year to present the perpetual trophy.

The Wilesmiths, Bruce, Mark and Mathew ,also made their annual trip over to partake in proceedings. Thanks gang.

Bill Moren from the Albury/Wodonga club, has also been out to the last couple of shoots prior to heading back home. It was good to see you Bill.

The Committee also wishes to thank everybody for taking on board their request to pick up spent shells and small bits of rubbish on their way around the course, such a little effort for such a large result. Thank you all, and keep up the good work.

Just on the Committee, this year we say thank you to Matt Richo for a job well done. Matt kindly stood in for Sando, when he left for NZ, and did a magnificent job, but unfortunately could not commit for another year due to family and work commitments, he has assured us that he will be a regular at shoots, and will gladly help out when he can. Thanks again Matt.

This year we welcome Willi White ( committee) and Barbie Magrin (secretary) to the fold and hope their stay is long, successful, and rewarding.

Good to see the course setters are setting courses which are giving everybody a chance to shoot scores that they are happy with. There is nothing worse than seeing AA graders coming in with17 or 18 while C graders come in with 4’s and 5’s. Well done to everyone involved for your creative thinking.

The club wishes Dave Moore and Renee Douch all the best for their up coming operations, our thoughts are with you gang, and we hope that it is hugely successful and you are both up and about in no time.

Phil and Michelle are in Broken Hill on their way back from winter in Queensland, Shelley posted a photo on facebook of Phillip dissecting the legs off a recently departed road kill kangaroo. We are not sure if it was for dog tucker or whether he was preparing to take Shelley out for a romantic dinner.

The two day Mallacoota shoot on the 4th & 5th October is fast approaching, so for a top weekend of D.T.L., Skeet, Tower and Simulated shooting this is a must, but accommodation is not always easy to find at this time of the year because the shoot weekend coincides with a giant soccer tournament in the town ,so if you are intending on going, get in early.

Also good to see Cooma Field & Game have got their new web site up and running, sure makes life easy when trying to catch up with what’s going on at other clubs.

Next shoot is the Cheryl Brady Memorial shoot on the 24th August.

Until next time shoot straight & often.- Nev B.


Scott and Lisa Bradley from Bermagui Bait and Tackle once again sponsored our June shoot for which the club is extremely grateful. We urge all our members, family and friends to support our sponsors wherever they can, as everyone knows sponsorship is an extremely important part of our existence and sponsors have to see a feedback from recipients in order to warrant sponsoring that particular organization into the future. Mick Diss designed 2 great courses with lots of “B” grade targets a few “A’s” and one or two “C’s’. All in all a top shoot and everyone hit targets.

The spread at lunchtime was once again superb. Thanks again girls. Good to see Craig Field winning the C grade event at one of Field and Game Australia’s Major shoots for the year, pity he can’t put his scores on his Federation score card ( what a load of crap ). Once again a classic example of shooters being their own worst enemies. Don’t forget the next shoot is the Neil Rouse Memorial shoot proudly sponsored by Pat & Tashia Jubb, followed by the A.G.M. I’ve got no doubts that the old “Rooster” will be sitting up there, note book in hand, jotting down notes as to who turns up, so don’t upset the Rooster and make sure you turn up to this very important shoot day.

Mallacoota will be holding their annual 2 day shoot on the 4th and 5th of October. It’s a top weekend but they like to have a rough idea of how many are going to turn up for catering purposes, so if you want to enjoy 2 days of D.T.L. SKEET, TOWER, and FIELD& GAME shooting let one of our committee know so as we can pass on the relevant numbers to Mallacoota.

Till next time shoot straight & often. Nev B.

President’s Report May 27, 2014

Muz and Barb once again put on a magnificent shoot last Sunday with a spectacular array of prizes on offer. The shotgun start worked a treat, and with every squad packing up the last station they shot at, the whole day ran like clockwork and everybody did their bit in sharing the work load.

Our new “office girls”, Matt , Patrick and Michelle took to the office work like ducks to water. The ladies committee once again put on a spread unsurpassed in the shooting world, and Shirl and Deb kept the punters happy cooking up a treat on the B.B.Q. Well done to all our main players.

Still not a lot of nominations being received from members wanting to be on the committee. Remember ALL positions are declared vacant at our July A.G.M.

Like little Rooster pointed out at the Cooma Easter shoot how come shooters have no trouble powdering a 60 M.P.H. midi target crossing between a series of trees at a distance of 40 meters but , the same shooters CAN’T hit a stationary bin 3 foot in diameter, 2 foot from the cage with their spent shells, it defies belief, and as for pogo stick users, when your squad has finished in the cage PLEASE pick up your ejected shells wherever they may land.


Had a phone call from Darren and Jan Redman the other day from up at Weipa, and Darren told me he organized a come and try day for Sporting Clay shooters and 25 bods turned up to have a go, so it looks like in between catching mud crabs and barramundi Darren and Jan will have their work cut out running a Field & Game Complex. All the best gang.

The unseasonally warm weather we are having has proved a winner for snakes trying to soak up the last rays of Autumn sunshine. I had the job of relocating a 5 foot blackie that had decided the extra warmth of the Bermi bottle shop store room was a nice place to rest up prior to his winter hibernation and I saw a dead one not far from the gun club last Sunday, so just keep your eyes peeled while shooting. The June long weekend on the 7th & 8th of next month sees the second running of the Narooma Hunt Fest. We urge all members to support this event to let people know shooting is a great sport which can be enjoyed by all members of the family. Check out their website for more details.

And what about Mark Raabe, alias “Greggie Norman”. After being lucky enough to have his number drawn out for the shoot raffle, Mark proceeded to smoke the first seven targets before sweating up and missing the magical number eight .Bad luck Jan you will just have to put that new dress on lay-by.

Fishing at Bermi has improved with some local shooters trying their luck out on the deep blue. Flathead seem to be back in good numbers both north and south, while the leather jacket problem seems to have tapered off. Salmon and Tailor are plentiful on the beaches. Thanks Corbs for the lend of your camp oven over the Easter break.

Our next shoot will be sponsored by Bermagui Bait & Tackle. Mick Diss will design the course and the set up crew is Daryl Newman, Dave Scott, John Gray, Patrick Jubb and Matt Richardson. If you can’t make it please organize a replacement.

Until next time Shoot Straight & Often. - Nev B.

President’s Report April 2014.

Thanks this month goes to Norman Rydge from Rydge Marine Sydney. Although not a shooter himself, Norman has been a magnificent sponsor of the Bermagui Field & Game thanks to his association with Deb and Gav Moulding.

From all accounts Gav and Deb set up a very challenging couple of courses which tested the best of them. Gav once again attained top honours, but there were a couple of old campaigners hot on his heels, maybe next time.

Unfortunately Gav and Deb are not sure of their immediate plans for the future and so Rydge Marine will no longer be a sponsor of the club. Norman Rydge has been a great sponsor for our club for several years and the club would like to thank Norman, through Deb, for his involvement with the club and we wish them all the best for the future. Thanks again gang for all your support.

This leaves the club with a sponsorship vacancy for our April shoot. If you or somebody you know would like to sponsor this particular event please get in contact with one of the committee members for further details.

For all those out there who would like to lose a few kilos after over indulging on Mothers Day (Happy Mothers Day to all our Mums), try laying in the Cooma hospital with a gut bug for 10 days, eating very little and feeling shithouse, and you are guaranteed to lose 10 kg. A big thank you to all the Bermi members for their best wishes as well as the Cooma members who dropped in to have a yarn, all the doctors, nurses and hospital staff who made life bearable during a pretty ordinary time, and a special thank you to Barry and Elspeth Dunn who took me under their wing and kept me in reading material and clean jocks and socks as well as being there for a chin wag most days of my stay. Thanks again to everyone.

As everyone should be aware, the AGM is nearly upon us, and as usual all positions on the committee are declared vacant. If you or you and one of your mates would like to take the next step and would like to help run this great little club please feel free to check out one of the present committee members for a few pointers.

Only a short report this month ( still a bit doughy . )

Till next time Shoot Straight and Often. - Nev B.

President’s Report March 2014.

Unfortunately our March sponsor “Grumpy” was unable to attend last Sundays shoot, but the 46 shooters who did attend had a ball.Thanks again Grumps and we’ve got your bottle of steam in safe keeping. Mark Gschwend and his band of helpers spent all day Friday and Saturday putting together the 2 courses and their efforts were justly applauded by the shooters present. While many shooters thought the eastern range was the easiest, quite a few shooters I spoke to were adament the western range was far and away the easier side to shoot, which just goes to show how hard it is to satisfy everybody and set the “perfect” course.

It was good to catch up with Alan Kentwell from Musselbrook who is down for a few weeks on annual holidays. Al and Jen went to the bike show on Saturday and then the gun club on Sunday and are now staying at Aftke Barklambs for the rest of the week. By all accounts, has thoroughly enjoyed the break.

Muz has just returned from duck opening down south of the border where they had a great opening weekend. It’s a pity all that money from NSW shooters can’t be spent in NSW.

Fourteen members took part in the working bee two weeks ago and busted their butts for 9 hours, well done gang for a great job . Darren and Jan Redman have headed up to Wiepa for their annual working holiday, we wish them all the best and a safe trip. The bike show put on by CRABS motorbike club took away a few of our members and by all accounts made a motza which will be donated to Cancer Research. Well done fella’s.

It was a sad day at the end of proceedings last Sunday, when our highly regarded electrician, secretary and most of all, friend, Craig “Sando” Sanderson, announced his resignation from the club. Craig has only been at the club a few years but in that time has been instrumental in getting our electricity supply, generator, refridgeration, sound system and a host of other electrical jobs done around the club, as well as taking on the most arduous job in any club, secretary. With the ongoing help of our treasurer, Shelley Craig, they have formed a great team which has been the enviable back bone of our club for a long time. Sando, his lovely wife Michelle, and two boys, Sam and Jordan, have decided to up anchor and head to greener pastures, across the ditch to New Zealand. We take this opportunity to say “thankyou” Sando for a stellar performance during your time with Bermi Field & Game and may your new venture be just as fulfilling and rewarding. CHEERS MATE.

Which brings us to our second dilemma, after many years of painstakingly molly coddling, and generally spoiling and babysitting the lot of us, Shelley Craig has decided to take a step backwards and have a bit of time off to concentrate on other things for awhile. So with Sando heading for N.Z. and Shelley having a much earned spell, it is time for a couple of members to bite the bullet and step up to the plate in order to keep the club functioning. As everyone knows, secretary and treasurer, are the two hardest and most important jobs in any organization and over the years we have been blessed with some great examples. If you would like to have a go at one of these positions please let me or one of the committee know so as we can get together and explain what is required and how we can get around any hurdles that may arise. This problem isn’t going to just “go away” so please put some serious thought into who is going to replace these two great club stalwarts. The balls in your court.

As I write this report the rain continues to tumble down in Bermi and so far this week we have received 175mm so another hunting trip down south could be on this weekend, weather permitting.

Don’t forget the Easter Classic at Cooma, four days of top shooting with lots of sashes and prizes on offer plus state selection points. The 2015 NSW State elections will soon be upon us and remember to tell your friends and family that the ONLY political party who will give shooters, hunters, fishos, 4x4 lovers, and any other outdoor enthusiast a fair go, is the SHOOTERS and FISHERS PARTY. Vote accordingly. Good to see Barbie back on track after her trip to Bega in the ambulance following our last shoot. Can’t keep a good woman down,hey Barb. We now have a club gun for members and friends to use on shoot days. Contact Patrick Jubb if you need to get a loan of it, and please treat it with care. Don’t forget next month’s shoot will be the Clay Busters 100 kindly sponsored by Norman Rydge from Rydge Marine. The club thanks Deb & Gav Moulding for their continued support on behalf of Norman.

Until next time shoot straight and often. - Nev B.

President’s Report January 2014

Last Sunday Safari Firearms and mine host, Gary Georgiou generously supported the annual Safari Firearms “ Springing Teal” challenge. Darren and Jan Redman set up 2 challenging courses which tested all. Gary is probably the biggest supporter of country NSW clay target shooting, and we urge all and sundry to support Gary and his business whenever you or your friends are in the market for anything to do with the shooting sports.

Our numbers were down a bit on previous years due to the inaugural State selection shoot at Majura Park. Quite a few Bermi members attended the shoot and by all accounts it was an extremely tough layout with only a couple of the 120 shooters present on the Sunday, recording scores above 80.

The day also marked the occasion of Phillip “ Bingo” Craig’s clicketty clix, sixty six birthday. Congratulations “Bingo” and may you go on to reach the “ Top of the wazer”, by then they should have a super dooper, super vets category for you to nestle into. Gav and Deb have just returned from a holiday in N.Z. where Gav borrowed a gun and shot in the N.Z. Nationals. Gav finished a very credible 12th overall behind the eventual winner John Younger from Victoria.

Good to see Mark Raabe out at the shoot last Sunday after a spell in hospital, nothing like a good snort of gun powder fumes to get the adrenalin flowing.

Pat Tennant also looks to be on the up and up after a bout of blood poisoning while Barbie is slowly recovering from a tumble she took while maneuvering herself into the house after a recent night out. What the bloody hell do you put in that red wine Barb? Don’t forget the working bee to be held out at the club on the 15th of March. Your club, your responsibility, and many hands make light work.

Good to catch up with Dan Hurst (Wollongong) and Dan Bruinsma ( W.A.) at the Safari shoot and the boys, Brian, Adrian and Richard from Illawarra, who tell me their club has closed down completely due to powers that be. Realize we are being “white anted” by a government hell bent on confiscating ALL firearms from society. OH FOR A UNITED VOICE. The Cooma Easter Classic is once again nearly upon us. A week at Buckenderra with Muz and Barb with 4 days of shooting as an added bonus. Can’t wait.

Victorian duck season starts in 2 weeks time, good luck to all shooters going down and remember it’s all non toxic shot and appropriate licenses need to be obtained prior to the event.

Our next shoot is being sponsored by “Grumpy” and Mark Gwschend and his crew will be setting up.

Till then Shoot Straight and Often. Nev B.

President’s Report: State Selection Jan.2014

Thanks this month go to Federation and the Bermagui Country Club for sponsoring the first State selection shoot for 2014. Congratulations to all the winners, especially Mick Munroe from Ardlethan who took out High Gun and also our C graders who swooped the pool with Tony Chrome 1st, Mick Diss 2nd and Craig Sando 3rd after a shoot off with fellow Committee member Matt Richo. Well done fellas. Once again the spread the ladies put on for the masses was uncomparable. Take a bow ladies. YOU ARE THE BEST. The Club also takes this opportunity to thank our trappers for forfeiting their days shooting to man the manual traps which were dotted around the course. Daryl Newman, Brett Wills, Patrick Jubb and John Hine all did a terrific job while special mention must go to Desi Farrell, Mick Cook and Nev Reid ( all non shooters ) who sacrificed their Australia day activities to come out and give us a hand. Thanks again for a job well done.

It was great to see all the competing clubs at the shoot. They came from Bega, Cooma, Geelong, Temora, Ardlethan, Mudgee, Sydney as well as a bus load of 20 who made a weekend of this event and travel down from Dubbo to enjoy our hospitality. All of these shooters eat, drink, sleep and socialize in our little town and add much needed revenue to the pockets of our resident shop keepers, hoteliers and inn keepers. The town thanks you all for your generosity.

Thanks this month also go to Jan Redman for leaving the $500 in the kitty after missing one of the overheads in the shoot raffle, and congratulations to Peter Kay for knocking off the early morning case of shells which were kindly donated by one of our greatest supporters. Thanks as always gang.

The bush must be drying out dramatically, I went out to the club the other morning and saw an adult and baby goanna both drinking out of the residential dog bowl under the water tank, and there has been quite a few snake sightings around the course so be a bit vigilant when out at the range walking around.

Jimmy Drakos also gets a big thank you this week for once again finding us a supply of succulent fish pieces at very short notice. Well down mate and very tasty according to the punters.

Noticed on the scoreboard that up and coming newcomer Dave Moore threw in a BARRY CROCKER in round 2 with a gut wrenching 6, but don’t worry Dave you’ve still got a long way to go before you get a letter from France from Federation President Jean-Francois Palinkas. Just ask Muz for some pointers on how to receive such coveted recognition.

Our next event is the much awaited ( rained off last year) Safari Firearms shoot which is proudly sponsored by Gary Georgiou and his family, so please make the effort to get out to the range and make this a monster shoot.

Until next time shoot straight and often. Nev B.

January 2014 President’s Report.

What a way to kick off the year. Fine weather, good company, great food and excellent targets. The club thanks our sponsors, Phil & Shelley Craig for the side x side event and Bruce Arthurson for the under & over side of proceedings. The two courses that were set up by Phil & Shelley, Mick Diss and Daryl Newman were two of the best courses I’ve had the pleasure of shooting at for a long time. None of the targets were super easy, but none of them were super hard, a well thought out and presented layout.

I had the pleasure of shooting with Bruce Arthurson, his two lovely daughters Jess & Emmy and their two boyfriends, Adam & Jessie along with reigning club champ, Gav.

As everyone knows, Gav doesn’t do a lot of talking or coaching during the course of a competition event, but, when he does speak, everyone sits up and takes notice, so it was pleasing to see Gav giving instructions to the new chums on feet and body positioning within the cage prior to calling for the target. The whole crew was very impressed with his hands on, impromptu and highly imformative lessons. Well done Gav.

It was good to see Vice President Muz take out the side x side event which had a beautiful sash for overall, along with a magnificent meat tray. I watched Muz shoot on a couple of stations and he smoked every target. Seems like the old side x side might be his go. Only problem is we may have to talk to the sash makers in order to get longer sashes cos the one we put on Muz looked more like a head scarf than a victory sash. Only joking Big Fella, and well done.

Another big thanks goes to Phil for his efforts in getting the battery charging solar panel system up and running. Phil has put many many hours into this masterpiece, even to the point of fitting Anderson Plugs to every battery and every trap ,and it should serve the club for years to come if everybody treats the equipment with the respect it deserves. Well done old fella.

On a sad note, it is with deep regret that we pass on to our members the news that club member Ian (Barkers) Barklamb passed away on New Years Eve. Barkers only lived a couple of kilometers from the club and although only taking up shooting a few years ago, he absolutely loved his time at the club and was always trying to better his scores and technique by asking questions of better shooters and then implementing the responses on shoot days which often lead to some hilarious happenings during the days proceedings. We will miss you Barkie and our sincere condolences go to Afga and the family.

Don’t forget our next shoot will be on the 26th January. This is the first State selection shoot for 2014 so if you want to participate in the shoot please get your Nom form and money into Michelle as soon as possible. If however, you don’t wish to shoot, please let me or one of the Committee know as there will be plenty of jobs available on the day and it will take some of the burden off the people who have already forfeited their days shooting (again) to help the day run smoothly.

Heard on the grapevine that Bega club member Shane (Mr. Romantic) Platts proposed to the lovely Tracy on New Years morning amid sultry music and rose petals.Well done gang and we hope you have a great life together.

Until next time Shoot Straight and Often.- Nev B.

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